Botanical Inventory

The Phase 2 Vegetation survey has been ongoing since 2017 with the vast majority of plants identified. Groups that require further research are Grasses, Orchids & Bryophytes, the latter being rather complicated. The listings of plant species identified are grouped into complimentary categories by type & form & from A-Z, to allow easier access to specific species:

  • Trees & Shrubs. 28 species, 22 native, 1 naturalised, 5 non-native.

  • Sub-Shrubs

  • Climbers/Ramblers.

  • Herbaceous & Geophytes.

  • Succulents & Alpines.

  • Grasses & Sedges.

  • Orchids

  • Bryophytes (Lichens & Mosses).

If you would like to view a complete list of all species A-Z, please download the The Botanical Inventory (PDF).

Hover over each species item in the listings to access information and plant profile links in English & Italian. For further detail on species please see the corresponding pages: Species of High Ecological Value  -  Ethnobotanical Plants  -  Endangered & Endemic Plant Species  -  Characteristic Plants of Specific Habitats   -  Invasive & Non-Native Plant Populations.

Trees & Shrubs (Alberi & Arbusti) A-Z
Arbutus unedo
Strawberry Tree
Aloe arborescens
Kranz Aloe
Cistus creticus
ssp. corsicum
Hoary Rock-Rose
Cistus monspeliensis
Montpellier Rock-Rose
Cistus salvifolius
Sage Leaf Rock-Rose
Cytisus villosus 
Hairy Broom
Erica arborea
Tree Heather
Erica multiflora
Mediterranean Heather
Eucalyptus globulus
Tasmanian Blue Gum
Euphorbia dendroides
Tree Spurge
Ficus carica
Fig Tree (Wild)
Genista corsica
Corsican Ginestre
Genista ephedroides
Juniperus oxycedrus
ssp. macrocarpa
Ginepro Rosso
Juniperus phoenicea
ssp. turbinata
Ginepro Fenicio
Malva veneta
Venetian Mallow
Myrtus communis
ssp. communis 
Common Myrtle
Olea europaea
ssp. Oleaster
Wild Olive
Opuntia ficus-indica
Prickly Pear
Phillyrea angustifolia
Narrow-leaf Mock Privet
Phillyrea latifolia
Mock Privet
Pistacia lentiscus
Pistacia terebinthus
Pittosporum tobira
Japanese Mock Orange
Quercus ilex ssp. ilex
Holm Oak/Leccio
Rhamnus alaternus
ssp. alaternus
Rosmarinus officinalis
Wild Rosemary
Ruta chalapensis
Fringed Rue

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