Inventory: Climbers (Rampicante)

  • Galium schmidii - Caglio Di Schmid - Appodda Appodda.

       Occurrence: Common, in the undergrowth with Sesaparilla and Rovo.

  • Lonicera implexa ssp. Implexa - Mediterranean Honeysuckle - Mammelina.

       Occurrence: Uncommon, set away from the sea, sporadic (Uga basin).

  • Rubus ulmifolius - Wild Bramble - Rovo Selvatico - Mura.

       Occurrence: Uncommon, only present in 2 distinct locations, Valle 3a and fountain area. 

  • Smilax aspera - Sesaparilla - Thetis.

       Occurrence: Common, almost everywhere, throughout gariga/macchia.

 Galium schmidii 

 Lonicera implexa 

 Rubus ulmifolius 

 Smilax aspera 

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