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(Valle & Website) 

A musical collection of YouTube videos celebrating favourite Valle songs. Eventually to include some 'Made in the Valle' tracks, when people are less shy about recording their great music.

Valle Classics: From the Valle pop charts 2017/18/19.

No 1 for many years (official cover video Ivan y Gianni), Puma's version is so much better. People were singing canta, canta, canta under their breaths & around fires for at least 3 years.

The most viewed video on the Capo Testa YouTube Channel. A stunning flight around the peninsula, with a view from the Aliens-head rock overlooking the 1st Valle. 

High Quality Overhead Drone Footage.

Flying high above Capo Testa. Fantastic quality drone footage of the 1st Valle & from the Teschio (Skull). 

More footage of Capo Testa Faro area, watch for the turret. Video also Including Santa Teresa, Rena Bianca.

Valle Seasons. (more to be added...)

Spring in the Valle, lots of flowers. Powerful.

Snow in the Valle, lots of snow, the most this decade. 2012.

Spring in the Valle (May 2018), Zoomorphic rock forms. 

Purple Spring flowers (Matthiola) in Cala di L'Ea. Enya playing.

Earwigs (Dermaptera). Interesting little creatures, do they nest in ears?

An introduction to Earwigs (naming).

Getting to know Earwigs. Maritime Earwig may exist in the Valle.

Humans (Homo sapiens). prima del (before) 2015.

Credit: Peppone.

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