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Records Database

This page is a practical mechanism by which to enable the quick logging of Wildlife species observed in the Valle Della Luna/Capo Testa during fieldwork, to be sorted in periodic accounting. Plants & Animals are separated & species can be logged as either miscellaneous or alphabetically by Latin genus). The VDL Research Grid Map below, can be used to 'Point-Map' the location of species sighting/s.

Vascular Plants Miscellaneous
Lichens/Mosses Miscellaneous
Invertebrates Miscellaneous
Lepidoptera Miscellaneous
Coleoptera/Hemiptera Miscellaneous
Reptiles Miscellaneous
Birds Miscellaneous
Mammals Miscellaneous
Plants A-F
Plants G-K
Plants L-Q
Plants R-Z
all A-Z listings & grid-map currently under construction.
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