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Botanical Inventory: Sub Shrubs

  • Achillea maritima ssp. Maritima - Santolina Della Spiagge - White Grass.

       Occurrence: Rare, only found on the Dune system next to the bridge joining the mainland. 

  • Armeria pungens - Rosa Marina - Sea Rose.

       Ocurrence: Uncommon, found only in the Dune systems next to the bridge and in the 7th Valle.

  • Asparagus acutifolius - Wild Asparagus - Sparagu.

       Occurrence: Common, found throughout Valle Della Luna. 

  • Erodium corsicum - Cranes Beak Corse - Erba De Agullas.

       Occurrence: Common, in caves, sea-cliffs and rocky outcrops in partial shade primarily.

  • Euphorbia characias - Mediterranean Spurge - Cespuglioso Spurge.

       Occurrence: Rare, amongst macchia/gariga in 1st and 3rd Valle areas.

  • Euphorbia pithythusa ssp. Cupani - Hedgehog Spurge.

  • Occurrence: Common, largest populations occur on vegetated rocks close to the sea in 2nd Valle. 

  • Helichrysum italicum ssp. Tyrhhenicum -Elicriso - Erba De Santa Maria.

       Occurrence: Common, on vegetated rocks, rocky outcrops, sea-cliffs and coastal grassland.

  • Jacobaea maritima (syn. Cineraria maritima, Senecio gibbosus) - Silver Ragwort - Red List Species.

       Occurrence: Common, around caves and on rocks close to the sea. Main populations 3rd Valle.

  • Lavandula stoechas ssp. Stoechas - Wild French Lavender - Abioi.

       Occurrence: Uncommon, in gariga/macchia, primarily in the Uga Basin.

  • Limonium merxmuelleri spp. Sulcitanum - Sea Lavender - Limonio Del Sulcis - Frori De Mare.

       Occurrence: Common, on vegetated sea-cliffs and vegetated rocks close to the sea.

  • Ruscus aculeatus - Butcher's Broom - Brusco - Buscadinu.

       Occurrence: Common, in the Teschio woodland/macchia.